Daily Fantasy Football Leagues by malamoney

A weekly contest (league/season) on FanDuel that anyone can join for free.

Leaderboards and standings will be posted this week!

I will create both a $5 contest (malamoney open) and a $0 contest (malamoney free). The $5 contest is for those that want to put a little money behind their skills. This monetary buy-in is handled completely by FanDuel. After each week I will download the results, combine them with the previous weeks and generate/update leaderboards for each league which will be posted on this website.

All contests will be 20-player contest. If the demand is greater than 20 players, which I am hoping it will be, I will create additional contests each week and combine the results. Unfortunately FanDuel limits private events to 20 entrants.

There will be three leaderboards. One for the malamoney open, one for the malamoney free and an overall standings.

Ultimately I'd like to get to the point where those that want to participate in a "season" can send me a buy-in and then after let's say 10 weeks, we take the top 4 (or so) players from the leaderboard and have them compete for the championship.

One thing to note about FanDuel's policies. If a contest does not reach its max entrants (20), it will automatically become a free event and anyone in said contest will have their buy-in refunded. The contest will still run and all players will still earn leaderboard points. Neither FanDuel (nor I) guarantee the prize pool. There is only a prize pool if the contest fills.

To participate, click below:

malamoney free ($0)

malamoney open DraftKings ($1)